Ajo Unified School District
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Fine Art Department

Ajo Schools Fine Art education program encompasses a broad range of art making practices. Art curriculum at Ajo schools focuses on the elements and principles of art and design as a jumping off point to further creative expression. Students will explore a variety of mediums and, in the process, develop observational and technical skills.

At Ajo, we pride ourselves in high expectations in creative art making and providing meaningful experiences for our students. We foster a love of learning and prepare students for lifelong learning, curiosity, originality and success.

Learning Targets & Framework

Students will:

  • Identify and create artwork based on the elements of art and principles of art and design.
  • Demonstrate through their artwork how to use the elements of art to show movement and express feelings.
  • Recognize, compare, and use different media to create their artwork.
  • Develop a respect and appreciation for the artwork of artists, including classmates' artwork.
  • Recognize and compare differences in several art mediums.
  • Create representational and abstract art.
  • Learn to create depth in two-dimensional artwork using one- and two-point perspective.
  • Communicate thoughts, feelings, and experiences to others through art.
  • Understand terms that are basic to art media, procedures, and techniques, as well as art appreciation.
  • Use imagination for originality in art making.
  • Show autonomy in studio practices, creativity, and ideation through the eight Studio Habits of Mind 

Framework: Develop Craft, Engage and Persist, Envision, Express, Observe, Reflect, Stretch & Explore, Understand Art Worlds.

Please contact Ms. Jennifer Sain with any questions about your student’s art class.