College & Career Center

Welcome to Ajo’s College and Career Center! Our goal is to see our Ajo students succeed in life by being well-prepared for high school graduation, college, and career. We can help you track your progress toward graduation and college admission.

Preparation for Life After High School

The College and Career Center offers information on college from application and academics to housing, scholarships, and financial aid. We also offer print and Internet career resources. Career and interest exploration is a big part of choosing your future direction. When we connect our interests and do what we love with college preparation and career, we will enjoy pursuing our career!

Please contact Mercy Arancon with questions about planning for your future. Together, we can create positive life experiences for our Ajo students.

College Entrance Exams

Standardized testing can seem overwhelming. However, with preparation and knowledge of what to expect, students can conquer this hurdle. Learn more on these sites:

College & Career Preparation

Success is not a happy accident—it takes careful planning and preparation. At Ajo schools, we work with every student to develop post-graduation goals and map the path to make these goals a reality. Start right here on your road to success.