Ajo Elementary School

Ajo Elementary School services kindergarten through eighth grade on the district campus. Ajo Elementary’s kindergarten through third grade classrooms are in an area separate from the rest of the campus, and the fourth through eighth graders share the main campus with the high school, utilizing the northern wing of the campus. Ajo Elementary also provides a space on campus a five star rated quality first prekindergarten classroom in the primary wing for 3–5 year olds.

Ajo Elementary Educational Programming

Ajo Elementary School follows a balanced literacy approach to instruction through the framework of the Four Blocks program. The Four Blocks program prepares Ajo Elementary students for success by embedding reading and writing instruction within all curricular areas. Supported by pull-out reading intervention and Accelerated Reader, the Four Blocks program provides Ajo Elementary students with multiple opportunities to improve their literacy skills and language acquisition. The Houghton-Mifflin Language Arts text series provides additional instructional support to meet the needs of all readers, including students with limited English proficiency.

In addition to the balanced literacy approach, Ajo Elementary teachers utilize various strategies to address different learning styles and needs in the instruction of mathematics, science, social studies, and other curricular areas. Our teachers utilize:

  • Centers and manipulatives to help our students grasp difficult concepts in mathematics
  • Accelerated math computer-based curriculum that allows for differentiation of instruction at the student’s skill level
  • Professional development in the balanced literacy Four Blocks program
  • Ongoing student engagement and curriculum mapping.