Our District

Ajo Unified School District #15 is a small public school district of 420 preschool to 12-grade students. All our students, from PreK to high school, share one campus in the heart of Ajo, Arizona.

Our PreK–12 student body is culturally diverse, with a population that is 56% Latino, 25% Native American, 14% White, and 5% Asian. Nearly 80% of our student body participates in the federal free and reduced lunch program. As diverse as our student body is, we share a single vision for them all—to graduate every student college and career-ready.

Our Mission

Ajo Unified School District endeavors to provide an atmosphere conducive to our students’ mental, physical, and moral development by offering a balanced curriculum of academic and extracurricular activities. The purpose of educating the youth of the community is to prepare them to:

  • Be successful in life
  • Be active participants in a democratic society
  • Rise to or exceed the next entry level of our education system
  • Maintain and increase their awareness of their cultural heritage and differences

Our Values

Here at Ajo USD, academic performance drives:

  • Leadership – The leadership team manages and supports strong academic performance.
  • Design – Everything about a school’s design, from its schedule and curriculum to its instruction strategies, helps all students achieve high academic standards.
  • Culture – To succeed academically, students need and deserve a highly disciplined, tightly structured, and motivating culture.
  • Decision – School leaders base decisions at every level of a school’s operation on careful measurement and analysis of student achievement.
  • Performance – Standardized testing, district benchmarking, and end-of-course assessments provide essential incentives and guidance for student academic performance.