Financial Services

Financial Services supports all areas of the district. The department manages the budget and oversees the fiscal operations of the district. Financial Services is also responsible for compiling financial data and completing the state-mandated budget forms, annual financial reports, and federal and state project reports.

This department also manages purchasing supplies and materials and files all requests for quotations, formal written quotations, and sealed bids for the district.

Financial Services Staff

Gloria Gutierrez
Finance Clerk

Ginger Wiley-Zambrano
Finance Clerk

Finance Information

Follow these links for details about district budget information. This page also contains links to annual financial reports.

  • Proposed and Adopted Budgets: Per ARS 15-905
    The Ajo Schools Governing Board shall publish a copy of the proposed budget or the summary of the proposed budget and a notice of the public hearing and board meeting no later than ten days before the meeting. The 2024 proposed budget and summary approved on June 21, 2023, can be found in the links above. The 2024 budget hearing and 2024 budget adoption is scheduled for July 12, 2023, at 5:30 p.m. at Ajo School’s board room, 111 N. Well Rd., Ajo, AZ 85321, and notice of the hearing can be found here. Immediately following the public hearing the president of the board shall call to order a governing board meeting for the purpose of adopting the FY2024 budget.
  • The auditor general’s office requires school districts in Arizona to submit financials to an approved auditor each year. Major district accounting and finance-related duties and responsibilities, including attendance, purchasing, bussing, bank accounts, and budgeting, are audited with the Uniform System of Financial Records for Arizona School Districts. View the report for the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Annual Financial Reports: These reports detail expenditures and revenue for each school year. Our fiscal year is from July 1 through June 30 each year. *Search Ajo under the EdOrg search bar and all of Ajo School’s finance documents will show up. For any questions, please call 520-387-5618 or email Angelina.
  • Pima County School Superintendent Financial Transparency: All financial transaction information for school districts in Pima County that have requested assistance in providing the public with financial transparency data.
  • Arizona Tax Credit Information: The financial services department records the funds we receive through tax credit donations.
  • Average Teacher Salaries: Per Arizona Revised Statutes 15-904.E, all school districts must publish the average annual salary of their current and previous year teachers. For more information, please contact the district office at 520-387-5618.