Ajo Unified School District
Group of Ajo students posing together

Superintendent's Awards

The Superintendent, Dr. Soltero, in collaboration with the Principal, Dr. Chebultz, and classroom teachers, will recognize students for academic excellence and growth and for following the three Red Raider "R"s: Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn. At each monthly Board Meeting, a number of students will be recognized by their teacher, the principal, the superintendent, and the Board. Pictures and recipients will be listed after every board meeting.

Jordan Lopez, Jr.

Jordan and Ms. Bagaress

Jordon receiving award from Ms. Bagaress

Jordan and family

Jordan holding his award with his family

Kenra Koozer

Kenra and Mrs. Cotay

Kenra receiving award from Ms. Cotay

Kenra and family

Kenra holding her award with her family

Zackary Kuhns-Miller

Zack and Mr. Sain

Zack receiving award from Mr. Sain

Zack and family

Zack holding his award with his family