Spirit Store

Welcome to our Ajo Unified School District spirit store where we sell hats, shirts, hoodies, and more! We distribute all products out of the district office. You can place orders online by email or over the phone with a debit/credit card. We ship anywhere in the U.S. for $13. For more information, email us at angelina@ajoschools.org or call 520-387-5618.

Red Shirts

  • Youth Red Short Sleeve—$10
  • Youth Red Long Sleeve—$12
  • Adult Red Short Sleeve—$12
    • 2XL—$14, 3XL—$16
  • Adult Red Long Sleeve—$12
    • 2XL—$16, 3XL—$18

    Gray Shirts

    • Youth Grey Short Sleeve—$12
    • Youth Grey Long Sleeve—$14
    • Adult Grey Short Sleeve—$14
      • 2XL—$16, 3XL—$18
    • Adult Grey Long Sleeve—$16
      • 2XL—$18, 3XL—$20


    • 2XL—$27, 3XL—$29


    • Fitted/Adjustable Cap—$25
    • Lanyard—$3
    • Decal—$5